Leh/Ladakh District Schools

During Spring break this April, we did a two day workshop for 44 teachers from 21 schools in the Leh/Ladakh area.

2 Responses to Leh/Ladakh District Schools

  1. Tashi Thokmat Domkhar says:

    Hi Michael and friends at AES,

    This is Tashi Thokmat Domkhar, I as President of Domkhar and as Ladakhi I wanted to say thank you very much for your kind support to train our teachers especially Mr. Rinchen. Now we are running a Residential Hostel in Domkhar barma and Mr. Rinchen is warden of that hostel. and also i must say thanks for the laptops.
    I felt very sorry and unfortunate that we did not get permission to send our School teacher in your last training at AES except Rinchen. We had plan to send our School Headmaster also. He is very active headmaster it is very very importend to get him some exposure and training.
    Therefore it is my humble request to you and all friends in AES to give a chance to headmaster to attend a training in AES is speaks very good English. and If he gets a chance I am sure that he will do his best for our School in Domkhar barma.
    With Best Regards
    Tashi thokmat

  2. I went to blog and saw all the photos of workshop at Nimoo. Those are so beautiful. Now I like to share my experience hope I can do. See you

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