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Once again it has been such a great experience being together with you all. both the Fraziers and the Citrinos want to wish you a very good break time this winter. Think about what you will do with students and with colleagues once you start school again in March! We will be looking  for your ideas on the PIE blog.


We are adding a forum page where you can share ideas with other teachers from TCV and Ladakh.  AES teachers are invited to join in. This is a great place to ask questions connected to life in your classrooms and school. We look forward !to hearing from you. In the mean time I hope you enjoy a few pictures I finally finished putting up: Georgia Heard Workshop


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  1. Rinchen says:

    Wishing you all very very happy néw year. Here in Ladakh school are closed for winter break. Teachers are having training at DIET Leh.

  2. tenzin lhakyi says:

    IT was really nice to meet you all again in TCV Gopalpur.Even though there was a time constrain but over all we are happy to show you some of our work related to the workshop which we got last time. You all have been so motivating and I am looking forward to have more interaction to bring changes in my teaching for the upliftment of students.
    happy Christmas to all the AES Teachers and teachers in this blog

    • Hi Tenzin, We’re able to access the blog again, which we weren’t able to do for a while. We’d love to continue communication with teachers at TCV. Let us know what kinds of things you or other teachers are interested to learn more about and we can create posts on these ideas. Hope all is well with you. Anna and Michael

  3. Ronald Robinson says:

    It was very great to be with you all for the Teachers Training at AES and again other two different workshops at Tigri School (Hope) with both Fraziers and other AES teachers. We have learnt a lot and practicing it in the classes. Kids are getting benefits. We have got some project to train teachers to integrate other subjects specially lower classes. We need help in these.
    Thanks and Regards.

  4. Dr. Richard Frazier says:

    During the first week of April, 2012 Dr. Richard Frazier visited Government Middle School in Domkhar Barma, Ladakh, to work with students and teachers in their 3-day study of electricity and magnetism (Headmaster is Mr. Choesphal). On Friday he visited the Government High School in Matho, where Mdm. Dechen Wangmo is headmaster and helped the students investigate electricity. On Saturday he spoke to teachers in the DIET program to provide pedagogical training. Mr. Chetan Anchok brought Richard to the middle school in Leh where Chetan is now teaching. They also visited the kindergarten and primary school in Spituk. Some pictures of the trip will follow this comment.

  5. tenzin2011 says:

    I must confess that the three days intensive workshop was a great one. We are back with so many new ideas, made lots of friends. Thanks michael, Anna, Dr. fraziers, catherine and all. We love you all.

    • We are so glad you were there with us! It was the highlight of our month to be with all of you.

      Let us know how things go when you try out the ideas in the classroom.

      • tsering dolma says:

        Dear Mr./Mrs. Anna Citrino
        Many greetings to you both!!!!!!
        It has been a long time since I haven’t shared any experiences with you on my application of new ideas which were being shared by you during our stay at your school. I am working seriously on what had been shared to us. I see tremendous improvement in their writing as well as in reading too. I am sure you will love to see their write up. I will soon post them to you.
        Thank You for your mindblowing ideas and your concerned towards our educational development.

      • Hello, We’re able to access the Partners in Education blog again and would love to communicate with teachers through the blog posts. Let us know the kind of things you’re interested in learning more about and we can pug posts on the blog for you. Wishing you all the best. Anna & Michael

      • tenzindhar says:

        hello Michael
        I am in Delhi for a holiday. Can I come over some day for some new learning. Please do reply.

      • Hi Tenzin,

        Could you give me a call at 9958096194 or at school, 26888854 ex 3349? Or send me your cell number.



      • Tenzin, We weren’t able to connect to the blog for some time but now are able to do that again. We’d like to continue communication with teachers via the blog. Let us know what kinds of things you and other teachers are currently interested in learning about. Wishing you well. –Anna and Michael

  6. tenzin2011 says:

    It took me a long time to get into this wonderful forum. I came to know about this forum through miss Lhakyi. Well its all because of the recent workshop down there at AES arranged by Mr. Michael and Ann that we are able to use this wordpress. Well I must confess that its my first time here using this wordpress. Nevertheless I have few number of students who have their own blogs today. And i hope with the passage of time, we all will be more fluent with this blog. Thanks all.

  7. Tenzin Lhakyi says:

    We really had a good time in AES workshop with Mrs. Georgia Heard and AES Teachers. They all are such a wonderful teachers and I have learnt many things from them. I did many activities in my class and I am very happy to see my students involving them self in writing poems and descriptive writing. They came up with beautiful poems on different topics and later on I told them to stick those poems on a soft board in the class. I must thank AES teachers and especially Georgia for her kind help.

  8. Claudia Romero says:

    Would love to give a contribution on basic economic concepts and on Latin America, spanish and my host country Spain (here i should ask for my husbands help).

    Let me know if we can structure a small introductory workshop. And when could it be delivered.

    Love this idea,

  9. tsering dolma says:

    Tashi Delek to you all !
    Thank you to all the concerned teachers and the host families who had been so kind and loving during our stay at AES. Especially to Mr./Mrs Citrino who made this event happened successfully. I have been implementing some of the new ideas being taught at writer’s workshop since I am back at school. My students are working on heart map and they have started working on descriptive writing and poems.I will soon share their work to you all.

  10. Forum is a best platform where we can share our experience and ideas. I love to join our forum and I will share ideas. I will also encourage my colleagues to join the forum. In Ladakh only few teacher use internet. Now I will encourage them use net. Hope we can share and get knowledge. Here I want to share about AES school. AES is a beautiful school. A listening school. A comfortable school. A safe school.we will try to create AES school in Leh. Hope we can do. regards to all. Jully.

  11. It would be great if you could encourage your colleagues to join our forum also. Have them send me an email or add it in a reply here, and I can make them contributors.

  12. Dr. Frazier says:

    I think I sent my message on the wrong format…I just wrote how much I love having a forum where we can all share. We had such a wonderful week with our new friends and colleagues. We look forward to hearing how all the teachers who participated in their week at AES are doing back at their own schools. Please keep us up to date on what ideas you try in your own classrooms and what you take back to share with your other TCV teachers. Looking forward to our partnership growing even more. With your help, we can extend professional support and development across unimaginable borders. Thank you all for being so special! ….All the best Dr. C

  13. Dr. Frazier says:

    I love the idea of us having a common forum page for sharing. I can’t wait for our new friends and teacher colleagues to start writing about what they are doing back in their schools after their week at AES…We had a wonderful week with Dolma and Dolkar and I know they are the type of teachers who will take back what they have learned from their experiences here and share with their fellow TCV teachers. We can’t wait to continue our friendship and professional partnership. Dr. C

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